Our brand and approach


-BUD brand creates unique, handmade utility clothing that is made in Switzerland under certified ethical conditions. Founded in 2018 by Lithuanian Fashion Designer Joana Brindze and her husband Edvardas Brindza, BUD highlights a focus on sustainability, respect for the limited materials that are available on this planet, coherence with nature and a one-of-a kind look. Our mission is to encourage zero waste by being mindful of each purchase that makes its way into your closet. By giving close consideration to ‘slow fashion’, which is the life cycle of clothing – the making, purchasing, wearing and eventual discard of each item – BUD creates fashionable, timeless items that will remain a centerpiece of your wardrobe for years to come.


Each and every step of your decision to invest in BUD brand has been dedicated to our environmentally ethical code, from the choice of materials to packaging. Each piece of BUD handmade clothing is packed in a linen bag that can be re-purposed as a shopping bag, or recycled.

To expand upon our promise of an ethical business model, each of our handmade sweaters are hand-knitted by retired women in Lithuania.

In employing retired women, we seek to integrate them into the labor market, where they are paid 100% of the profit from each item to ensure that they receive a living wage for their creations.

BUD also creates unique interior design pieces, all of which are crafted from recycled material such as air plane metal, wood, screws, etc. The design of each item is completely unique and imagined for the shape and material available for each individual piece, so you will have a true one-of-a-kind piece in your home while enjoying the comfort in knowing you’re helping to improve the relationship between ourselves and the planet.

The BUD utility clothing idea came to life when Joana began to explore the phenomena of fast vs. slow fashion. Realising that fast fashion items are often acquired as a result of impulse or ‘emotional shopping’ or the need to be ‘on trend’, she decided that an alternative way of thinking about our clothing choices is necessary. Slow fashion asks that we consider our purchases more thoroughly, which means that instead of buying a variety of cheap, trendy items, we save for high quality, timeless pieces. These observations birthed the BUD utility clothing idea, which offers the ability to create a personal, lifelong style and sustainable approach.

Our Future Vision

BUD’s vision for the future is to create a community studio connecting ethical fashion production with consumers. The dream is to embrace a sustainable fashion production process and present it to customers, by showing them the ethical and fair production process and sustainability in our everyday lifestyle. BUD is always open for new projects, ideas and collaborations.

Joana is a graduate of experimental fashion design and sewing instructor studies in Lithuania. Passion for fashion came from her family background, as her mum was a professional tailor.. Since she was a child, Joana was very involved in collaboration with her mum’s works – designing garment patterns, measuring, brainstorming, etc. At a very early age, she applied these skills and started to craft clothes for her dolls from her mother’s scraps. This was the birth of her approach toward sustainability – unconsciously, but from the heart. Step by step, a significant talent has matured, and today Joana is a professional tailor and creative fashion designer, practically applying the idea of sustainability at work and everyday life.

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