Fashion Without Ego

Jan 13, 20200 comments

Let’s talk about fashion without ego

Marketing is good for identifying purchasing intentions but a poor predictor of actual customers’ behavior afterward. Our behavior is far more selfish than we might like to believe. Rational models of consumption are based on the idea that individuals make choices that balance costs and benefits. An ethical consumer will make rational judgments about purchases on the best outcome in terms of costs and benefits for them and the environment.

Turning fashion into a greener industry is very challenging and not something we can do on our own. But, wearing well by doing good, with responsibility for the environment is definitely something that we can do!

Please meet BUD – fashion brand with a sustainability approach that puts the well-being of people and the sustainability of the environment first.

Customized, handmade garments, made from highly-responsibly selected materials with high importance for quality, coherence with nature, sustainability, appearance awareness.

Born in Lithuania, Made in Switzerland.

Get your unique one now:

Regarding retail opportunities please contact co-founder and chief designer Joana Budvytytė


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